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Faith-based OrganisationEuropePolitical Leadership to Prevent and End Conflicts1C - Remain engaged and invest in stabilityIn order to contribute to developing a culture of peace in all segments of society, AISA NGO has taken the initiative to open a House of Peace at Almere, in the Netherlands. It brings together the youth and the elderly from different cultures and backgrounds, around activities such as circle meetings, art, music, debate, exhibitions, films, games, education and farming and around themes such as: citizenship, building bridges, peace and spirituality, ecology, economy, architecture, arts and music. For more details about the initiative, consult the attached document.The challenge regarding the House of Peace in Almere was to find a suitable site to build the house, and get financial support from local communities and municipalities. The Academy of Peace (a consortium of educational entities) requires the support of NGOs, educational organizations, governments and concerned UN commissions. For this reason, we invite interested organizations who have developed methods, pedagogies and other tools to promote culture of peace, to contact us. AISA NGO has initiated discussions with universities and experts in education to develop a global pedagogy for the culture of peace. Sheikh Bentounes has been invited to participate as a keynote speaker at the Summer University in Quebec, Canada, organized by Laval University on the theme “How to build a Culture of Peace and the role of religions in building peace”. The objective is to initiate a research chair in this field in 2018 and we are looking for sponsors and the participation of other stakeholders, academia and UNESCO.AISA NGO invites the Secretary General of the UN, the representatives of member states and non-governmental organizations and civil society, as well as academia and UNESCO to partner in the development of the Academy of Peace which will be a joint initiative of different schools and pedagogies. Gender, Religious engagementEducation Cannot Wait, The Peace Promise
Faith-based OrganisationEuropePolitical Leadership to Prevent and End Conflicts1D - Develop solutions with and for peopleFor more details on the achievements for the commitments, please consult the three documents attached. AISA NGO conducted a call for support of the International Day of Living Together within the civil society and received letters of support from organizations, artists, intellectuals from all over the world. In addition, AISA placed a petition on the web site and received approximately 100,000 signatures (online and paper copies). In October 2016, a delegation led by Sheikh Bentounes, the President of Honour at AISA International NGO has met several UN officials, including the President of the 71st General Assembly, NGOs in New York and Geneva to promote the initiative and has succeeded in obtaining support and commitment from several members of states and delegations. In Montreal, Sheikh Bentounes was a guest to the Mayor of Montreal and invited speaker at the experts table of the International Observatory of Mayors for living together.For the International Day, funding promotional material and communication tools was a considerable challenge plus the need to translate into different languages to reach out to civil society in various countries. The effort to mobilize stakeholders required extensive travel and accommodation for the team engaged in reaching out to UN organizations and member states. Women and Islam, Women and the veil, and Gender Equality in Muslim countries are major challenges. The major challenge encountered especially in the 2014 Congress was bringing together the progressive and the conservative feminists from different backgrounds to achieve a general consensus on gender issues.Organize a workshop at UNESCO headquarters to obtain further signatures from NGOs and other stakeholders before seeking a resolution by member states during the next UN General Assembly in fall 2017. Continue the efforts and activities and achieve partnerships with other organizations on gender issues, especially for Muslim women. Due to limited resources, and considering the participation level for the Emir Abdelkader Prize Award, it is not possible for the team to organize a 2017 edition. The next ceremony for this award will be held in September 2018 in Algeria and we are seeking sponsors for this event. Best practice is needed to simplify the whole procedure and speed up the process in order to achieve the goal of this transformation: a resolution from the 72nd UN GA declaring the International Day of Peace and Living Together (September 21). Funding and sponsorships are required for all the commitments. Gender, Religious engagementCharter for Faith-based Humanitarian Action, The Peace Promise