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OCHA’s new Centre for Humanitarian Data aims to improve aid response | 07 February 2018
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New Way of Working will help reduce needs, says UN chief | 07 February 2018
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Self-reporting is now open for 2017 | 29 December 2017
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An Agenda for Action and Change

The Agenda for Humanity sets out five major areas for action and change, the 5 Core Responsibilities, that are needed to address and reduce humanitarian need, risk and vulnerability, and 24 key transformations that will help achieve them. Learn more by clicking on the icons below. 


Discover Initiatives

More than a dozen initiatives, partnerships, platforms and alliances were either newly developed or strengthened through the World Humanitarian Summit process and will help implement the Core Responsibilities and turn the Agenda for Humanity into reality.

  • Global Partnership for Preparedness

    The Global Partnership for Preparedness will support countries to reach an essential level of readiness, so that situations do not spiral out of...

  • Grand Bargain

    The Grand Bargain is an agreement between more than 30 of the biggest donors and aid providers, which aims to get more means into the hands of...

  • The ROHAN Network

    Regional inter-governmental organizations from the Americas to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific are playing an increasingly visible role...

  • Global Alliance for Urban Crises

    The humanitarian landscape is changing. With more than half of the world’s population already residing in cities, and growing, urbanization is...

  • Education Cannot Wait

    When conflict or crisis erupts, the educational needs of children and youth are often the last consideration – an afterthought following food, water...

  • Inclusion Charter

    To deliver impartial and accountable humanitarian assistance that responds to vulnerability in all its forms, and reaches the most marginalised...