ID# 4246001

Commitment description

Commits, where relevant, to the 17 joint Diaspora commitments, which include providing a voice and delivering actions towards resolving root causes of conflict and current conflict situations, aligning humanitarian response work and activities with humanitarian principles; ensuring social inclusion in all efforts, and working holistically and meaningfully with all humanitarian response stakeholders towards efficient, inclusive and people-centered humanitarian action to support vulnerable people and communities.

This is a joint commitment with the following entities taking part :

Union of Kurdish Students in Syria and Germany (UKSSD e. V.), Hope for Ebola Orphans Foundation - Sierra Leone, From Street to School, Haiti Renewal Alliance HRA, Watan, Afghansk Kulturforening, African Community Association of Bolton, AYAD, Barada Syrienhilfe, CEO Associates, Danish Human Appeal, DAN-TA QOYS-KA (The Family), Diaspora African Women's Network, Deutsch Syrisches forum e.V., Engayde, Federation of Ghanaian diaspora in Europe, Gender Education & Enterprise Development for Africa (GEEDA), Girl Child Network Sierra Leone, Hand in Hand for Syria, Heads Up (Africa), Heaven Homes and Children's Centres, HIRDA DK, HIRDA UK, Homes League Abroad, IDAY-UK, Katib Cultural Association, Kindeslaecheln, LGBT Christians in Exiles, Lepont UK, LunchBoxGift, Movimento degli Africani, Nakuru Environmental and Cultural Trust, OFROSOM, Sawa foundation UK, SHF -Syrian Humanity Forum e.V., Shabaka Social Enterprise, SLUKDERT, South People's Projects-Soppro, SSPDO, Organization of Sierra Leone Healthcare professionals abroad (TOSHPA), Verband Deutsch-Syrischer Hilfsvereine e.V., Youth With A Global Vision

  • Core Responsibility Change People's Lives: From Delivering Aid to Ending Need
  • Agenda for Humanity Transformation 4A Reinforce, do not replace, national and local systems
  • Commitment ID4246001