ID# 115001

Commitment description

The ALNAP Secretariat commits to incorporating the themes from the World Humanitarian Summit commitments into its 2018 SOHS report, examining the relationship between these themes and any measured changes in humanitarian performance over time. The report will support a better understanding of any improvements that emerge from the WHS and to what extent progress is being made across the core commitments.

  • Core ResponsibilityPolitical Leadership to Prevent and End Conflicts, Uphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity, Leave No One Behind, Change People's Lives: From Delivering Aid to Ending Need, Invest in Humanity
  • Agenda for Humanity Shift
    Demonstrate timely, coherent and decisive political leadership ; Act early ; Remain engaged and invest in stability ; Develop solutions with and for people ; Other ; Respect and protect civilians and civilian objects in the conduct of hostilities ; Ensure full access to and protection of the humanitarian and medical missions ; Speak out on violations ; Take concrete steps to improve compliance and accountability ; Uphold the rules: a global campaign to affirm the norms that safeguard humanity
  • Commitment ID115001