ID# 112001

Commitment description

ACF International will actively pursue within the year ahead the creation of a Special Rapporteur for the protection of aid workers, dedicated to advancing efforts to respect and protect the humanitarian mission against attacks, threats or other violent acts that prevent it from fulfilling its exclusively humanitarian function, and to fight impunity.

This is a joint commitment with the following entities taking part :

ICVA, CARE International et France, Act Alliance,Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC), Secours Islamique France, Acted, Handicap International, Relief International, Concern Worldwide US, Report the Abuse, Amanudd in Foundation

  • Core Responsibility Uphold the Norms that Safeguard Humanity
  • Agenda for Humanity Transformation 2B Ensure full access to and protection of the humanitarian and medical missions
  • Commitment ID112001